Start at the End

  The way we view the world has a direct impact on our behaviour. On the macro scale, we have the meta-narratives our societies create that govern the social arrangements and codes of conduct. We also have the family-unit belief systems and religions that shape the micro-scale, namely our value systems and personal ideologies. Together … Continue reading Start at the End

Be Unreasonable

We are programmed to follow the herd. We often think that if everybody is doing something, we should do it too. This is especially true if our identities are tied to particular social groups. We take our cues from the group's social conventions about how to dress, walk, talk, think, what to read and what … Continue reading Be Unreasonable

Leverage is King

The word leverage has been quite in vogue lately because its being used to refer to using technology to increase productivity and output. So I'll go through some definitions of leverage and how I apply it to my life and work. So, leverage in the finance context (also gearing) is often used to describe the … Continue reading Leverage is King