Gallery Glass @19Greek Street

As part of my MA degree in Design Products at the Royal College of Art (RCA), I created a system of local glass waste recycling that would manufactured high end applications for exterior use. My work was exhibited during Sustain RCA in 2013 and this brought interest from curators, companies and galleries. One of these was 19 Greek Street.

At the beginning of 2014 I was invited as the first Designer in Residence at 19 Greek Street Gallery and was  given the 4th floor of the gallery building to create a Materials Waste Lab and continue the work I had done during my time at the RCA.

As part of the residence I was tasked with recreating the system in the gallery and to conduct a series of lectures, exhibitions  and workshops with the public, showing the process and running tests.

Some of these lectures revolved around the role of design in creating a sustainable future and designing for social good. This theme was relevant as I was at the time also working with Shaker Your Power, creating products for education and social good through music.

During this time, I created bespoke applications of the process, such as tables, tiles and surfaces for the gallery’s exhibitions and interior design projects.

My largest commission was to design over 60 square meters of bespoke surfaces for The Library Hotel at Saint Martins Lane.