Start at the End

  The way we view the world has a direct impact on our behaviour. On the macro scale, we have the meta-narratives our societies create that govern the social arrangements and codes of conduct. We also have the family-unit belief systems and religions that shape the micro-scale, namely our value systems and personal ideologies. Together … Continue reading Start at the End

Tackle any Complex Task Using this 5 Step Method

there is a natural number awareness... There is a number awareness that is innate in humans and animals. Some animals as well as infant children display a natural sense of numbers and quantities. Cognitive Psychology has shown that small children as young as six months have an intuitive understanding of non-numerical parameters of magnitude. Take … Continue reading Tackle any Complex Task Using this 5 Step Method

The Top 15 Idea Generation Techniques

As designers and creatives, a central part of what we do revolves around creating original and fresh ideas. Be it for a new business, a service, a new user interaction, a new product, a new logo, etc. Coming up with new ideas is crucial. However, the creative process is not a formula and when we exert too … Continue reading The Top 15 Idea Generation Techniques

3 Methods to Overcome Creative Block

This post is about a theme that most creatives struggle with at one point or another and I want to  share the methods that have helped me overcome creative block and how you can use them too. These methods are not something that will require you lots of work and training, they are easy to … Continue reading 3 Methods to Overcome Creative Block

What is your legacy?

Here is an interesting exercise. Imagine you are in your death bed and before you die you have to leave a legacy. This legacy is the knowledge and experience you gathered throughout your life that must be passed on to future generations. You are simply not allowed to die until you give your legacy to … Continue reading What is your legacy?