Under Her Eye: Waste Labs

On June 1st, 2018 I had the pleasure and privilege to be part of Under Her Eye: Women & Climate Change. This two-day event was held in London at the Knowledge Center at the British Library and it brought together different female voices from across several disciplines to discuss issues around climate change. The event's … Continue reading Under Her Eye: Waste Labs

2 Questions Social Entrepreneurs Always Ask

Since I started working with Shake Your Power, many people have approached me asking me how we do it, how did we get started and how they wish they could find a way to do something good with the skills they have. Many of these people are tired of working in an uninspiring job, feeling … Continue reading 2 Questions Social Entrepreneurs Always Ask

You & Climate Change

I just read recently that the UK's newly appointed Prime Minister Theresa May has just closed the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and transferred it under the control of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. This move has obviously worried most environmentalists an climate change advocates as it signals that the new … Continue reading You & Climate Change