The 1% Better Club

As a business owner, I don't have a boss or anyone to tell me what I should be doing. I rely on what I know I must be doing to 'push the boat forward'.  And it's not always easy to know exactly which tasks are the ones that will bring more benefits. There are two … Continue reading The 1% Better Club

What is your legacy?

Here is an interesting exercise. Imagine you are in your death bed and before you die you have to leave a legacy. This legacy is the knowledge and experience you gathered throughout your life that must be passed on to future generations. You are simply not allowed to die until you give your legacy to … Continue reading What is your legacy?

Mexico's MestizObjects

I've always been fascinated by human creativity, and some of it's finest expressions are found in the most humble places. In Mexico, like in so many other places where there is a lot of scarcity, there is also incredible resourcefulness. "One man's trash is another's treasure. " We have all heard this. And this couldn't … Continue reading Mexico's MestizObjects

Find Your Patch and Give Back

On the last post I went through some methods you can use to come up with new business ideas. The most important thing in the process is to create solutions that really enhance people’s lives. Solutions that ultimately empower the users and give lots of value. Those are the ideas that take off. It’s sometimes … Continue reading Find Your Patch and Give Back

Bulletproof Methods for Killer Business Ideas

  So now you know you want to start a social enterprise and you have gained awareness about what your skills are (See last post), your passions, your hobbies, interests and experience. You are committed to ride it all the way and all you need are some good ideas. The next step is to determine … Continue reading Bulletproof Methods for Killer Business Ideas