You & Climate Change

I just read recently that the UK’s newly appointed Prime Minister Theresa May has just closed the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and transferred it under the control of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

This move has obviously worried most environmentalists an climate change advocates as it signals that the new government’s priorities are to align climate change action with what suits businesses.

What this boils down to is that government climate change action will only occur if it’s good for business. But more often than not, large corporations are the cause of climate change and this new shift in government structure might give businesses  a green card to continue business as usual.

Nevertheless, the power to force change has always been in the hands of people. Governments and corporations will not do it, as this requires massive foundational change. They are slow moving mammoths.

On the other hand, local communities and action groups are fast to react because they are close to the ground. They inhabit the same environment as the people being affected. In fact, they are one and the same. Their priorities are aligned with the well being of the environment and their people.

The change must come from within. From communities making a stand and taking responsibility for how they want to live and force their government to listen.

For me it’s about a personal attitude towards life. It’s about where your priorities are. It starts with you.

If you want a more fair and a more harmonious world for you and your family to live in, start now.

Ask yourself: How can I help solve this problem? And then, do it.

Go out there and talk to people, find out how you can give value, how you can help make things better, and learn, learn learn. The answers wil come.

Good luck!
Diana Simpson Hernandez

Founder of Designers for Humanity

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